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For years I’ve watched companies struggle with customer signoff on case studies. It’s an inevitable part of the process, if you’re featuring your happy customers by name.

I’ve always seen the options as two-fold:

1. An informal email approval – Not a big legal form but still some proof

2. The big legal release form – Written and reviewed by attorneys on both sides

But a client of mine has created a refreshing alternative – an approval letter.

The friendly letter thanks the customer for participating, reminds them how the story will be used, and then asks the customer to sign it. I love this! It has the benefits of the two options above, without all the drawbacks.

Customers actually sign off but the letter is not such legalese that it absolutely has to go to the customer’s legal department.

This got me thinking, have you seen other creative ways of obtaining signoff on customer success stories? What else are companies using today?

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