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I try to read the newspaper every day, keep up with news online, and watch a nightly newscast. But these days, they leave me craving something positive. Give me a nice panda bear story – anything to make us feel better.

It’s impossible to escape the constant flow of bad news right now, even if you tried.

What’s the antidote? Success stories.

While we can’t control global financial markets, we can produce our own good stories. Capturing customer success stories serves two important purposes right now:

– Keeps us focused on what’s positive. If you’re spending your efforts capturing and publicizing your success stories, then you spend less of your time and energy on worry.

– Keeps prospects and customers more focused on the positive outcomes of investing in products and services, rather than worrying about the upfront costs. Tough times call for even more evidence that solutions deliver what they promise.

So, go find, tell and celebrate your success stories.

3 Responses to Why We Need Happy Stories More than Ever

  1. Hi Casey,
    Now may be a good time to focus those happy stories differently, like “How ABC Helped One Company Actually Improve Sales in a Slowing Economy”. Connects with front-of-mind concerns *and* sets up the happy story. IMHO, a winning combination…

  2. Hi Graham,
    Yes, very good point. Not only tell your customer success stories, but point out that the product/service helped the customer during the tough times. To get folks to invest now, they have to know that the investment will actually help with the slowdown.

  3. dan says:

    Sure.You need to be smart during hard times like this and my thumbs are up for Graham for this revelation .You,Casey and others are well known here by writers like me in Ghana.