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At an event yesterday, I talked with a marketer who mentioned a case study challenge. Seems his firm has a big-name client that is willing to go on record publicly, but the company won’t release many details about the work or results.

I’ve certainly seen this one before.

A big-name is a big deal, but how do you leverage that without the ability to talk about much?

We discussed a couple of possible options:

  1. Use the big name but create a shorter story that simply talks about the strenth of the relationship and perhaps hints at some business benefits, but doesn’t reveal more than the customer wants.
    If you really can’t say much, then perhaps just testimonials are the answer.
  2. Create a story detailing powerful results but do not name the customer. Use general terms to describe the company without identifying information.

Sales reps might still mention the name in one-on-one opportunities, but that information is never public.

Ultimately, you have to decide which option will be better for your sales and marketing needs at the time?

Name-dropping might be powerful in getting in the door with a prospect, but measurable results are what close deals.

What choice would you make, or are there alternatives?

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