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I just read David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing & PR. It provides a valuable blueprint for developing your own content marketing strategy.

Scott makes an important point about including customer case studies in your online media room.

"Case studies in the customers’ own words are particularly useful…" he writes. "Remember, the easier you make a journalist’s job, the more likely she is to write about your organization, particularly when she is on a tight deadline."

New surveys show that most journalists search for story ideas online now – 89% by some estimates.

In my experience, PR is one of the most overlooked opportunities for companies to use their customer success stories. Some actively pitch their customer stories and see a payoff. But the media you pitch to may not be interested in that specific story when you bring it to them.

By including your customer stories in your media room for journalists (in addition to making them easily accessible to potential customers), you increase the chance of getting coverage as journalists are visiting your site on their own time or happen to arrive there through keyword searches on certain topics.

As always, I’d love to hear any success stories you have about uses of customer case studies in PR. Write to me at casey@compelling-cases.com.

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  1. Hey Casey,
    Thanks for reading my book and writing about it here.
    Yes!! This is so important. For a great example take a look at Neighborhood America media room. You’ll see customer example videos which are awesome. In particular, the Adidas one rocks.