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About a year ago, I learned about Kiva.org, a nonprofit that facilitates micro-lending for entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Kiva empowers businesses and individuals to loan money in increments as small as $25 directly to entrepreneurs in need around the world, and the connections between people are totally story-driven.

Lenders can peruse a database of business owners across dozens of countries, and read stories and view snapshots of each. The stories shed light on each entrepreneur’s business, family life, challenges, and how they plan to use the loan.

That element of story is central to the entire Kiva concept, such that, it’s nearly impossible to imagine the nonprofit working without stories. It’s very similar to Save the Children.

I checked out the site and quickly found two entrepreneurs whose stories moved me, one in Tajikistan and another in Sierra Leone.

Nonprofits often tell stories tied to their causes, but then ask for general support, not support that will benefit a specific person or business.

Kiva puts a face and story on each need, and puts lenders in control of who they want to support. It connects people on an individual level.

To date, Kiva has lent $42,802,810 to entrepreneurs through 335,241 lenders.

Stories don’t just sell; they inspire!

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