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Many commercials use customer success stories, but Geico insurance has taken a creative twist the past few years. Instead of using just a real customer, or just a celebrity, they use both in tandem – creating a very engaging ad.

But are the ads effective in selling Geico insurance? If the purpose of customer stories is to create credibility, educate prospects and validate services, then do these ads work?

2 Responses to Geico’s Real Customers

  1. I’m not sure about insurance, but I’ve decided we’re having pancakes this weekend…
    Seriously though, I think it is a new take on the customer success story. Makes it fresh and funny. Is it successful? Well, Geico is still making them after a year or so, so I would think that the commercials are having some effect.

  2. Hi Graham,
    Good point. Geico seems smart enough not to throw good money after bad, so that longevity is perhaps the answer to the question. Creativity pays.