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Each year, TechTarget puts out its Media Consumption Benchmark Report. It provides insight into how IT buyers evaluate solutions compared with what IT marketers actually produce. Great stuff!

Here’s a summary, with an emphasis on case studies, of this year’s findings in the report titled, “Perception Versus Reality of the IT Pro and the IT Marketer:”

Most likely to be forwarded – Case studies came in second after white papers as the media type IT buyers are most likely to forward on to a friend or colleague.

Most likely to be effective, “The most effective information sources for delivering information needed to make enterprise technology purchase decisions: white papers, trial software, search engines, IT publishers’ websites and case studies.”

Most likely to be used early in the process, Media included white papers, videos, blogs, widgets, case studies, industry magazines, IT publishers, search engines, conferences, IT newsletters and published research.

Most likely to grow in usage, The study pointed out that, given low levels of usage vs. high levels of effectiveness, IT videos, case studies, IT podcasts and vendor demos are set for rapid growth.

With case studies used in buying decisions 25% of the time, and a 71% rate of effectiveness, is it possible that vendors don’t have enough stories available when buyers need them?

Check out the whole report.

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  1. Hi Casey,
    Thanks for this post. I am working on 2 potential opportunities for new clients where this info could come in handy! I just saved a copy of the report.

  2. Excellent! Good luck and keep up the great work.