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I’m back after a refreshing little break and am ready to talk customer stories!

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the ways that you can “end” a customer story. There’s no real right or wrong way, as long as it doesn’t stop abruptly.

As a former journalist, I tend to conclude my stories with a strong summation quote. That’s pretty common in news and feature writing. Instead of my trying to write a summation, I let the main source/customer contact say it instead. But some of my clients prefer an actual wrap-up sentence.

With that in mind, here are three main ways you can end a story:

Quote – It should be powerful and really speak to the benefit the customer experienced.

Wrap-up – Summarize the main idea/benefit of the story, perhaps tying it back to the customer’s earlier stated goals.

Look-ahead – It’s also nice to conclude by talking about next steps or future plans the customer has to do more with the product or service in its environment.

Are there other ways you have found to conclude a customer story smoothly? Which approach do you typically prefer?

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