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One of Seth Godin’s blog posts today had a really insightful observation about stories in business. We’re not talking specifically about customer stories here, but about what you want the story of your business, brand or project to be.

He suggests deciding what you want that story to be beforehand and then matching your work to fit that story.

He says, “The story creates the work and the work creates the story.”

Cool way to look at it. Check it out.


One Response to What Do You Want Your Story to Be?

  1. Hi Casey,
    That is a good way to look at it. My only caveat is that sometimes as storytellers, we can embellish too much. (I got righted recently when too much “marketing” for the customer’s taste crept into a case study I was writing for my client…)
    Stories are definitely important, and you want to present your client in the best light. Create the work from the story, but make sure that in the end the story still matches the work!