«Return to Blog List Is the Unnamed Success Story Worthless?

I recently followed a string on a MarketingProfs forum regarding the value of unnamed customer success stories–those where you don’t actually name the featured customer. The original post asked whether nameless stories lose all their power.

The answer depends on your goals for your customer stories. If credibility in your market is your top goal, then an unnamed story does lack the punch of a named story. The same goes for PR. If you’re trying to get the media to cover your solutions, reporters want to hear real customer stories with actual customer names.

But case studies and success stories also educate prospects and validate solutions. For most types of sales uses, an unnamed story is often just as valuable as a named one. Prospects want to see results with similar customers. Show them a customer story in their industry with strong proof points that support your value proposition. Be specific in your story and it will go a long way toward validating your solutions.

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