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Selling anyone on anything is usually a process. The same goes for convincing customers to be featured in a customer case study. Sometimes you have to baby-step customers toward sharing their success story by initiating other joint marketing activities instead.

Last week, a software company I work with learned that its big-name customer wasn’t ready to go public with a full customer story yet. The customer suggested they revisit the topic in 6 months or so, when results will be better. But my client wanted to get something documented publicly now, and be able to leverage that credibility.

The resulting solution was a compromise that pleases both parties. They will start with a “feature” press release announcing the relationship and offering additional details about the solution. The release reads almost like a case study, but isn’t as long. It goes beyond just announcing the relationship to touch on the client’s needs, some highlights of the solution, and some initial results.

The software firm and its client both get a public announcement, while the compromise respects that the client isn’t ready to officially document its success quite yet.

What have you seen work in moving customers toward a case study?

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