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A sales rep I’m assisting with a case study has two objectives: sell network management software to other U.S. divisions of a major account, and sell to other companies like the featured customer.

The customer contacts are willing to be much more open about what they share with other divisions in the same company than what they’ll divulge to the public and competitors. So why not create two versions of the case study?

Version 1 of the case study, for internal-only use, has frank discussion about the challenges this customer faces in managing its network. The internal-only version also doesn’t have to go through the same rigorous approval cycle as the public customer story.

Version 2 of the case study, for external audiences, has less detail about the customer’s internal issues and practices.

That allows this sales rep to have the story he needs–quickly–for a big meeting with multiple divisions of this customer company, and then what he needs to penetrate the industry.

It’s a little extra work, but it’s worth it to reach the right audiences with the right information.

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