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Sage Software’s "Sage 360" campaign is one of the most clever, comprehensive approaches to Success-Story MarketingTM I’ve ever seen.

I devote several pages to the Sage 360 campaign in my book, but you have to visit their 360 site to see how it’s executed.

The entire site is focused on customer stories, organized by business need and industry. Tying in with the software’s 360-degree CRM capabilities, you see 360-degree photos of customers’ environments.

Photos are accompanied by compelling, feature-style customer stories – not following the cookie-cutter format you see so often. They’re interesting and credible.

Most importantly, this kind of exposure (which included print ads) had customers lining up to be featured.

You may not have the budget to showcase your customers in glossy publications, but the campaign is worth perusing for inspiration.

How can you showcase customer stories creatively and in a way that tells your story and the customer’s story at once?

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