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Last week, I got all excited about survey results indicating that customer case studies are increasingly valuable in B2B technology buys.

There’s yet more to talk about when it comes to how case studies are consumed.

The second annual Eccolo Media B2B Technology Collateral Survey also segmented buyer behavior by type of company. Here’ what they said:

“Once again, decision makers from larger firms were dramatically more likely to have consumed case studies (82 percent) than decision makers from smaller companies (59 percent).”

Why is this?

Here’s my theory…

Case studies are NOT necessarily more valuable to larger companies. Rather, they probably are presented with case studies more often than smaller companies are.

Think about it. Most vendors go after big companies, and if you’re going after a big company, you probably are prepared with customer case studies to show as examples.

Perhaps smaller vendors, going after smaller companies, have not built their databanks of case studies and success stories.

It’s just my experience from working with all types of companies. Small companies often don’t have the resources to create cases. But those that do may stand out.

The takeaway:

– Larger firms likely expect to see case studies, so be prepared.

– Your competition may not be presenting customer case studies to potential customers, so vendors that do may have an edge.

What are your thoughts on these Eccolo stats?