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When a business creates a fresh customer success story, it’s eager to get it out in the public for all to see.

The organization quickly loads it on the website and sends it to sales reps. Maybe they write a press release featuring that customer story.

But ultimatey, that story only goes OUT into the public.

There’s a whole other audience – right at home – that should hear those powerful customer examples – your employees.

Every day, employees come to work for the good of the organization. They’re manufacturing or writing code or processing payroll and likely don’t hear much about the end result of all their work.

In truth, all employees are working toward making the company and its customers successful.

If they never hear those success stories, they lose a connection, meaning and pride in why the business even exists.

Here are 5 ways to share customer case studies or success stories with employees:

New employee orientation – Kick off the relationship on a positive note by including customer success stories in new employee orientation.

Email – Send an email with a story teaser and then link back to the full story on your web site. Be sure to congratulate the employees that contributed to that success.

Newsletter – Feature customer stories in your employee newsletter.

Meetings/Events – At employee meetings or events, talk about a couple of recent success stories or invite the customer to speak.

Intranet – Post all customer success stories on your company intranet.

Sharing those stories with employees gets them excited and bridges the gap between what they do and the difference the company makes for customers. You might also create employee evangelists that retell those stories to others.

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  1. Cindy King says:

    Hi Casey, I wrote a blog post today about the people presenting at the White Paper Summit this year. I think of you and a couple others as peers to the presenters, so I included a link to this post.
    Stumbled your post as well.
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