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In conversation, most of us seem really good about giving examples.

When you’re trying to make a point about something, you might throw in a “For example…”

In sales and marketing, the customer success story is the most compelling “for example” you can offer. Yet too often, organizations get caught up in excessive description and promises without backing up what they say with examples and anecdotes.

Likewise, customer success stories and case studies are dragged down by too much general product description of how something works. It effectively derails the story.

The two lessons:

1. Use examples to enhance description – When describing products and services on the web, in collateral materials or conversation, always pepper in or link to customer stories as your “for example.” Otherwise, those promises are just promises without evidence to back them up.

2. Don’t bog down stories with too much description – In success stories and case studies, leave excessive “how it works” description out. Use other avenues for those details, and keep the story all about how the customer interacts with the solution and the results.

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