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The more facts you give someone, the better armed they are to make a decision – like when you ask a customer to be featured in a case study or success story.

Typically, a sales or account manager asks the main customer contact if they would be willing to do a case study.

If it’s a solid relationship, the customer will likely say yes.

But in most cases, there’s a lot more that follows the simple ask.

How do you set up the request for success?

Start by giving them the facts. When your contact expresses interest, follow up with an email with the details.

Include these key points:

  1. The benefits of this joint marketing opportunity for all parties
  2. What’s involved – who and how much time is required for the interviews and review phase
  3. How the story will be used – website, one-on-one sales, PR, newsletters, etc.
  4. If they will need to sign a release form
  5. One or two samples of your other customer stories

Document this in an email so that your contacts can easily forward it on to others.

Customer at risk of saying no?

If you’re concerned at all about the customer declining your request, deliver these facts on a call or in a face-to-face meeting instead and include key decision-makers (likely those beyond your main contact).

Giving customers all the details also helps prevent surprises later on. Everyone already knows what to expect.

What other facts have you found help customers make the decision?

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