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Every day, people call your organization and end up on hold waiting for the right individual to pick up. Most organizations use that time to play “sold on hold” messages, audio recordings that talk about products, services or upcoming events. “Ask your sales rep today about…”

Do you listen to those messages when you’re on hold, just continue reading your email or doing other things? Your prospects probably don’t listen either.

But one hold-message recording got my attention more than any other. The headquarters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation plays its “Wish Stories” for callers on hold. The recordings are actual children talking about their wishes and how they were granted, or narrated radio spots that the organization created. It’s genuine and really gets your attention.

A teenage boy talks about his unique experience at a baseball game when he was younger. An 8-year-old recalls her trip to Disneyworld. I didn’t want the person on the other end to pick up until I heard what each child had to say.

Using your customer success stories and testimonials can be this simple. It’s cheap and easy to collect audio testimonials from actual customers right over the phone and then play several on your hold message. Callers might actually listen to these high-impact messages.

Why not try this with your own customers?

P.S. – For a feel-good moment or two in your busy day, listen to a couple of the organization’s narrated “wish story” radio spots.

2 Responses to The Power of the Customer’s Voice on Your “Sold on Hold”

  1. Casey,
    What a wonderful idea! There are so many ways to use case studies/customer success stories to promote a business or cause. But this is a new one to me.
    Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
    Charles Brown

  2. Hi Charles,
    Thanks for your comment! It’s such an easy way to get customer stories in front of your audience.