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Sales isn’t what it used to be. Prospects are more overwhelmed than ever before.

They’re pulled in a dozen different directions at any time, challenging them to actually get anything done.

They don’t have time to listen to a sales pitch, even if they know they need to make a change.

That’s the basis for Jill Konrath’s new book, SNAP Selling.

Since reading Jill’s first book, Selling to Big Companies, I’ve been a fan. I even interviewed her for my book, Stories That Sell.

Unlike many sales gurus, she focuses on buyers’ mindsets and how to work within them.

In SNAP Selling, Jill introduces four factors that need to be at the forefront of sales reps’ mind when working with crazy-busy people – those with “Frazzled Customer Syndrome.”

Today’s prospects evaulate you on these four criteria, which Konrath calls SNAP Factors:

Simple: Your ability to eliminate complexity and effort from your prospect’s decision-making process will improve your chances for sales success.

iNvaluable: In a world of copycat products and services, the value you personally bring to the relationship becomes essential.

Aligned: You must stay relevant to your client at all times; they don’t have time for anything else.

Priority: With an ever-changing business environment, you can’t afford to have your prospect deem your services non-urgent.

For more on how to leverage these factors in various stages of the sales cycle, check out SNAP Selling.

Download two chapters and new sales tools here.

(P.S – I’m not an affilate for Jill; just a big fan.)