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I recently learned personally just how important details are in marketing and sales.

Preparing to move to Boulder, CO, I’ve been looking at housing online. I found I was much more interested in the houses that listed lots of detail, that seemingly answered every question I have without having to call an agent with all those questions.

When it came time to advertise my current house for rent, I applied that experience to creating a very detailed ad – much more detailed than other listings on sites like Craig’s List. It paid off. I got 15 calls in 24 hours, with at least two people commenting that they appreciated the amount of detail in my listing.

This points to one of the main reasons why case studies are so effective – details sell. When people are considering a purchase, they want as many details as you can give them. That’s why customer stories (case studies or success stories) work. By showing buyers another customer’s experience, buyers can more easily envision themselves using and benefiting from your products or services.

So, whether you’re selling software, professional services or a house, give your audience the details they desire. Just make sure you know which details your buyers want, and deliver them.

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