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I’m always on the lookout for examples of using customer stories creatively and with impact.

Acsys, Inc. achieves both on its Web site. The award-winning, full-service interactive agency provides strategy, branding, design, eMarketing, software development, and hosting services to companies like Swiss Army, Northrup Grumman and GE Capital.

On its home page, Acsys features a client very prominently as the “lead” for the entire page–with the highlighted customer changing each time you visit. It displays the featured client’s logo or related image hugely across much of the length of the page–a giant Swiss Army knife, a big, bold Timex watch, and a massive molecule for a chemical company.

Then a prominent headline hints at the idea behind the client’s story, before giving you a chance to read the full case study.

It’s attractive and engaging, and client results are clearly the focus on the home page and throughout the site as Acsys describes its services. It’s kind of unorthodox, but it succeeds in associating Acsys with each client’s success.

Sure, Acsys is a design, branding and eMarketing firm, so it’s very visually oriented. But any company can feature its customer results and success in this way.

Check it out and be inspired. And please send me your own favorite examples of creative uses of customer case studies and success stories!

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