Post Archive: September 2008

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The Multi-Anecodote Case Study»

Prospects today want to know that people or organizations just like them are solving similar challenges with your products and services. You need example stories in your back pocket for. . .

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Beyond Just Capturing the Story»

Happy Friday! Nearly every business has happy customers, but often they don’t know how to truly leverage that asset – beyond just creating a success story or case study. Lindsay. . .

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PR Reps: Your Ally in Getting the Customer’s Buy-in»

For many companies, the biggest challenge in creating customer case studies and success stories is getting customers to agree to be featured. I’ve often found the customer’s PR team is. . .

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Changing Minds with Stories?»

I got to thinking during a jog this morning. With the presidential campaigns fighting for voters, how can stories actually change minds – minds that have been years in the. . . – Creating Story-Based Connections»

About a year ago, I learned about, a nonprofit that facilitates micro-lending for entrepreneurs in the developing world. Kiva empowers businesses and individuals to loan money in increments as. . .

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Don’t Leave Customer Stories Out of Your Online Media Room»

I just read David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing & PR. It provides a valuable blueprint for developing your own content marketing strategy. Scott makes an important point. . .