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Put yourself in these shoes:

You just noticed a Tweet, or a LinkedIn or Facebook posting, that’s of interest to you. So you follow the attached link.

When you arrive, you hit a closed door – you have to fill out a form with your information in order to go further.

Would you leave? Probably.

When you follow social media links, you expect that content to be EASY and quick to access.

You should be sharing your customer case studies and success stories on social media. Relevant stories spread your ideas and solutions to new people.

That calls for keeping them free and open – not behind closed doors.

Social media is about sharing and interacting with others, first and foremost. Don’t bring them to locked content and make them give you something in return for the key,.

The rule of thumb: If you lock your case studies, then don’t publicize them on social media.

Better yet, don’t lock your case studies.

By leaving them free and open, MORE people will see them, increasing the chances that you’ll actually make a connection with a greater number of people.

What’s your take? Do you agree?

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