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5 Ways to Make Powerpoint Sing and Dance

PowerPoint gets a really bad rap. It seems indispensible in business presentations, yet it can be so darn boring.

That’s because most presenters do it the same way – a virtual storm of bullet points with a few photos slid in.

But maybe there’s help – and hope – in PowerPoint 2010.

In her recent blog post, Paula Tesch of Duarte shows us the new cinematic capabilities of PowerPoint 2010. Duarte Design’s Five Rules for Presentations gives practical presentation tips – and does so using the new PowerPoint.

Pretty impressive! It’s hard to believe this is PowerPoint.

I still wonder how difficult it is to use the tool to create something so dynamic. But I’m excited about its storytelling possibilities.

2 Responses to (New) Storytelling Power in PowerPoint?

  1. Miguel.M says:

    Hi Casey,

    I’ll start to say that as a long time follower, I really like the work they do at Duarte in such a way that “slideology.com” is the homepage of my browser, from its very beginning.

    Your comment at “slideology.com” at Paula Tesch post (were I also left a comment, right above yours) took me here.

    That’s a great presentation indeed and I really love it, very good content development, good design solution and great skills operating PowerPoint but…

    “(New) Storytelling Power…” or “…new cinematic capabilities of PowerPoint 2010…”?

    Allow me to comment that except for the soft wedge transition on the frame at 0:14 (soft transitions are a new feature on PP2010) nothing in this presentation is new, not PP2010 or even PP2007 capabilities.

    Taking the risk of being absolutelly “not humble”, please accept my invitation to take
    a little of your time visiting the “portfolio” tag at http://www.tribepresentations.com
    and http://www.youtube.com/user/MiguelCJM#p/u

    If I assure you that, except for “L’Oréal Redken” which is PP1997 and “Citroën XM 1989 (a provocation about “…Life before PowerPoint!”) which is not even PowerPoint, all the presentations you’ll watch there were designed with PP2002…
    and with a special attention to the two “Sumol” presentations “Rebranding…” and “Morangos…” I think maybe you’ll recall your comment:
    “It’s hard to believe this is PowerPoint”



  2. Casey Hibbard says:

    Hi Miguel,

    I’m really impressed! I checked out your work, and my comment (“It’s hard to believe this is PowerPoint”) still stands. But that applies to the earlier versions of PowerPoint as well.

    I guess I need some major PowerPoint training to learn how to use the cinematic aspects of it.

    Thanks for pointing out that we all have the tools and power to do these kinds of presentations. It’s just a matter of learning how.

    All the best,