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After coming back from the holiday break, I’m more aware than ever how complicated life has become.

I’ve got four email accounts to log into, and an encrypted file that holds 18 different usernames and passwords for various sites I use. And that’s not even all of them.

As usual, there’s also quite a bit on the to-do list.

How do I settle down and focus? The true focus in my day comes in the act of storytelling, the crafting of case studies and success stories. To do them well, I have to set everything else aside for that time.

I need that focus to weave the pieces of the story together into a compelling whole.

When well-written, a story commands the same kind of complete attention from readers. It has the power to pull them into focus despite all the chaos around them.

Among millions of marketing messages, a story gets noticed and draws audiences in in a way that shouting never can. And it keeps readers there, engaged and moving along the tracks of the narrative, until resolution.

Maybe it’s about getting back to our roots, to simpler times. Prehistoric people explained their past, present and future in story formats. Today, we still communicate best in this format, whether it’s explaining something to a child or conveying the value of enterprise software.

What do you think, is story the answer to simplifying communication in our complex world?

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