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Britton Manasco interviewed me for his blog, Illuminating the Future, on trends in and uses of customer stories. His thought-provoking questions delved deep into customer storytelling today.

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A new LinkedIn Group, Success-Story Marketing, serves as a forum for exchanging ideas and best practices on writing, managing and using customer success stories and case studies. Join us!

4 Responses to Interview on Trends and Uses of Customer Stories

  1. Jill Horwitz says:

    Great interview! I work in marketing for a company that specializes in Customer Reference Management. I get the opportunity to see how beneficial using the techniques you suggest can be. In today’s tough economy a success story is a great way to make a customer feel safe and comfortable in the choice they are making. People are spending less and relying more on things they already have. One of those things can be the voice of a satisfied customer, it can be the last thing needed to turn a lead into a new client. Like you said, make it a win-win for all involved and you have the recipe for a very satisfying marketing strategy.
    Thanks for reinforcing these ideas and reminding people that a customer’s voice can be one of the strongest tools they may already have!

  2. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for your comment! It’s really true. In the absence of a friend’s or trusted colleague’s personal recommendation for a solution, a customer success story is the next best thing.
    Hey, are you in Boulder? I’m Boulder-based. Loving the snow.

  3. Jill Horwitz says:

    Hi Casey,
    I actually live in the Bay Area – Berkeley. I do get out to Boulder sometimes though, maybe we can get together next time I’m there.

  4. Jill,
    Yes, do give me a call when you’re in the area and we can meet for coffee or something.